Glean for Education is now live!

Our new program is ready to future-proof note taking support, improve learning, and help institutions remain compliant

Clock 2 min read Calendar Published: 12 Apr 2021
Author Sam Hockley
Glean for Education is now live!

We’ve just launched Glean for Education, a full-service note taking package designed to transform the way higher education institutions support learning in a post-Covid world.

Digital transformation in the education sector has been accelerated as a result of COVID-19, as traditional classroom solutions no longer solve the challenges of learning in the online/offline hybrid environment.

Compliance without complication

Glean for Education allows you to proactively support a diverse range of students by equipping them with a state-of-the-art note taking solution that offers compliance without complication; helping you streamline administration while avoiding costly lawsuits. In August 2020 alone there were 35 institutions facing federal lawsuits, partly due to the influx of online classes and remote learning. These lawsuits centered on accessibility, increased delays in provision, and the issues for students struggling to navigate asynchronous and synchronous classes.

Broadening support

Glean can be accessed anywhere, at any time, and the Glean for Education program provides a department-wide license that allows you to offer note taking accommodation to all registered students in just a few clicks, ensuring no student is left without support. In addition, Glean for Education includes a number of value-added services including staff and student training and feedback, and ongoing consultancy to help departments achieve their goals.

Improving learning skills, easing admin pressures

Glean for Education has been designed to support and improve note taking skills for students of all abilities, helping them gain independence and improve their own learning outcomes. Its simple administration features are incredibly easy to use and make inviting, managing, monitoring and supporting hundreds of students at a time effortless.

This dramatically reduces the cost and administrative burden placed on your department by traditional note taking solutions like provided notes.

Toward a digital future

COVID-19 has forced many colleges to move away from these legacy support systems and look at digital transformation as a way of keeping students engaged, which is vital to the financial future of many institutions as they look to attract and retain undergraduates.

“Our vision is to give all students the confidence and ability they need to build useful knowledge in an age of information overload. We do this by removing the need to take comprehensive notes in class, enabling students to better participate and engage with the content in the moment.

They can then return to specific annotations in order to deepen their comprehension and create valuable summaries in their own time. This process addresses the fundamental challenges with class note taking and is especially beneficial for those with additional learning challenges, whether that is due to a disability, because English isn’t their first language or because they have simply never been taught college-level study skills.

"To help the students that need it the most, we’ve identified that the current system of note taking support needs to be overhauled; notes are such a key part of the learning process that students should be empowered to do this themselves.

We believe that the current system of sharing notes taken by someone else is outmoded, and not suitable for learning in a post-Covid education system. Glean for Education is a full-service solution designed specifically to digitally transform note taking support and bring colleges’ systems and processes into the 21st century.

Dave Tucker

“ We are the only company approaching this problem in this way, with learning outcomes and student satisfaction our number one priority. We want colleges to be ahead of the curve when it comes to note taking, which is why a key component of the Glean for Education service is working alongside institutions to help modernize their support system.”

- Dave Tucker, Sonocent CEO & Co-Founder

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Time for a simpler, smarter note taking accommodation?

Time for a simpler, smarter note taking accommodation?

Glean is the online note taking tool that makes compliance simple, reduces cost and admin burden, and improves student outcomes.
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