From Music to Ed-tech: finding my feet at Glean

Seth joined Glean as a grad a few months ago. Since then, he’s already changed roles. In this post, he explains how Glean helped him successfully transition to working life.

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Author Seth Husband
From Music to Ed-tech: finding my feet at Glean

A new chapter

After completing my degree in Music, with University life now behind me, it was time to start the next chapter of life.

It was almost overwhelming: I dreamt of finding a challenging role which would encourage creativity and independence. Most importantly, I wanted to work alongside an organisation devoted to making a positive impact on the world and changing lives for the better. This seemed like wishful thinking, until I found an opening at Glean: a fast-growing scale-up offering a digital solution to note-taking.

Was I right for Glean? And was Glean right for me?

Glean were recruiting a Customer Support Administrator, to oversee and optimise sales processes.

Though my background was in music, they were seeking proactive and adaptable individuals with a drive for continuous improvement, and this sounded like me.

Interviews give candidates the opportunity to articulate their suitability to the role, and demonstrate their potential to succeed.

I was offered the role, and the onboarding process began as soon as I accepted!

Week one

Glean sent me a brand new Macbook, along with all the other equipment I’d need to work either from home or in the Leeds office. I also received a detailed itinerary and training plan for my first month.

Week one was set aside for me to settle in, and learn about the organisation that I’d be working with. I attended introductory meetings with each team, to meet everyone and learn about their roles. Separate introductions with Glean’s executives followed, each a great insight into the organisation’s vision, values, and genuine ambition to make learning more accessible for all.

Week two

From my second week, the training plan prepared by new colleagues in the Customer Support Team kicked off.

I visited the Leeds office every day for the first month, to attend one-to-one sessions with the Customer Support Advisor. The training equipped me with all the knowledge I’d need to be an effective team member at Glean. It was delivered enthusiastically and in a way which comfortably eased me into the role: as a recent graduate, this made for a seamless transition between University and work.

I was given freedom and independence to solve problems and find solutions, but offered guidance where it was needed. Once training was over, support and feedback was still constantly available, through frequent meetings on a one-to-one and team basis.

An early development opportunity

‘Growth is a mindset’: this is a core value at Glean. Our abilities are not fixed, challenges help us improve, and we seek opportunities to become better versions of ourselves. This mindset is reflected in the development opportunities available at Glean, and the encouragement of our peers to pursue them.

My first three months as Customer Support Administrator demonstrated to me the importance of positive customer experience to the organisation. It also proved the need to introduce new operational processes which will maintain our reputation for excellent customer service as Glean scales.

Therefore, when the Customer Operations team advertised a role fundamentally focused on this, I jumped at the opportunity.

During the interview process, I highlighted the experience which I’d gained over the last months, and emphasised the value that my skills in problem solving and research could bring to the team. My role title has now been updated to Customer Operations Executive, and I’m learning skills in a whole range of new areas.

Flexibility helped me transition to working life

During my final year at University, I thought about the work habits which I’d have to give up after graduating and starting a new job.

Firstly, I enjoyed a blend of work settings. I would visit campus to share ideas and socialise with coursemates, but preferred to stay at home when more direct focus and graft was necessary. I also set myself flexible daily working hours, which made it easier to balance hobbies with work.

At Glean, such flexibility is encouraged.

I choose to work from home most days, and walk into the snazzy Leeds office a couple of times a week for team meetings, socials, or just a change of scene (I’m always sure to make full use of the kitchen’s espresso machine!).

Finding your feet post-education is daunting. Glean has helped me transition comfortably between University and work life, and constantly encourages me to expand my range of skills.

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