Sara Ahmad

Social Media Executive

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At Glean

Sara is the Social Media Executive here at Glean.

She’s in charge of managing all our social channels as well as:

  • Building and creating organic content

  • Managing and analysing PPC, digital advertising, and affiliate marketing

  • Reporting on key metrics

  • Supporting with events

Before Glean

Sara graduated from University during the height of the 2020 pandemic with a 1st class honours in Marketing Communications & Advertising. 

She then went head first into all things content creation and social media by creating her own study and career-focused communities across Instagram and TikTok, even bagging a viral video whilst she was at it! 

After many job applications, she finally landed her first graduate role as a Marketing Assistant at Glean.

Outside Glean

Sara is a self-proclaimed professional Netflix binger and movie goer. She claims she loves all genres but secretly despises musicals & horror. 

She also loves going out to eat, despite having the appetite of a small reptile. Thankfully her husband is always there to finish her plate.

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Career Timeline

2017 - 2020: Busy being a student

2020 - 2021: Busy enjoying lockdown

2021 - present: Busy working at Glean


Blogs Sara has authored


Specialist Skills

1. Coming 1st in every team outing

2. Spending too much time on TikTok

3. Forever being too cold

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Sara's Key Abilities

Content creation



Raiding the snack drawer

Time management

Forcing people to be in company TikToks