Luke Garbutt

Senior Writer





At Glean

Luke is Glean’s Senior Writer. He writes and publishes much of our content, including:

  • Blogs

  • Whitepapers

  • Reports

  • Case studies

  • Printed leaflets and campaign materials

Before Glean

Luke started as a copywriter back in 2017, cutting his teeth writing Facebook ads for a bizarre variety of miscellaneous products.

Before that, he was a student of American literature (who never, ever skipped the middle chapters of Moby Dick) and a telesales operative, an experience that left him with very strong opinions on which steam mop delivers the best value for the modern home (the X5 all-in-one - Luke).

Originally from County Down, Ireland, he moved to London in 2012 and up to Leeds in 2015. Ever since, he’s been happy to tell anyone with ears to listen that the nation’s capital is a nice place to visit, but a better place to leave! 

Outside Glean

Luke is an avid metalhead and loves nothing more than relaxing to some frightening, horrible music. Many of his holidays are booked so he can catch a death metal band 100 miles away in the basement of a bar.

He’s also a huge fan of film, running (when he can be bothered), and spicy food.

He’s also learning Irish, so labhairt as Gaeilge leis más féidir leat!

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Career Timeline

2012 - 2016: Student


2016 - 2018: The Before Times


2018 - Present: Glean


Specialist Skills

1. Writing words.


2. Putting those words in the right order.


3. Repeating this process endlessly.

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Luke's Key Abilities

Blog writing


Industry research

Content strategy