Charlie Lee

Software Engineer

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At Glean

Charlie is a Software Engineer here at Glean. He works on our web and mobile applications with a keen interest in frontend development and efficiency.

Charlie’s main contributions to the development of the Glean app include:

The Bing Image Search feature
The ability to Extract Text From Slides
The Task Cards feature

Before Glean

Charlie studied Computer Science at the University of Sheffield. He previously worked on ecommerce and delivery software used by many multinational companies. Here he refined his craft in delivering quality user experiences.

Charlie joined Glean in July 2021, where he initially began work on the company website moving to join the development team responsible for the Glean app.

Outside Glean

Charlie is a keen musician. He plays the bass clarinet and tenor saxophone in a variety of community bands and groups.

He is also interested in open source software development and has created a stop motion animation program called Boats Animator. 

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Career Timeline

2019 - 2021: First B2B Limited


2021 - Present: Glean


Blogs Charlie has authored


Specialist Skills

1. Causing chaos in every meeting

2. Not hating CSS

3. Offering to help with EVERYTHING

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Charlie's Key Abilities

Mentoring newbies

Picking up new skills and technology quickly

Always finishing what he started