Please note the following special terms and conditions (the "Special Terms") that are specific to the Glean for Education - Site Wide - Glean Notes / Glean Notes + Caption package (the “Site Wide Package”). These Special Terms will take precedence in the event of a conflict with the standard terms

  1. The Subscription Fees set out in the quotation are solely applicable to the Site Wide Package.

  2. Use of the Services is subject to fair usage. Fair usage limits are determined at the Supplier's sole discretion based on reasonable industry standards and platform capacity. Where fair usage is exceeded on a continued basis, the Supplier reserves the right to:
    (i) suspend access to the Services in whole, or, in part on an individual End User basis; or
    (ii) terminate access to the Services in whole, or, in part on an individual End User basis; or
    (iii) charge the Customer for the excessive usage ("Excessive Use Charge").
    Before taking action on (i), (ii) or (iii), the Supplier will contact the Customer directly to provide the Customer with a reasonable opportunity to address the issue.

3. Access Provisioning Restrictions and Misuse

3.1 The Site Wide Package grants access to the Services to all End Users of the Customer as part of an active Subscription. 

3.2 Throughout the Subscription End Users will be provided with access to the Services by way of just-in-time provisioning. Where just-in-time provisioning is not feasible for the Customer, the Supplier will provide the Customer with an alternative access provisioning method.

3.3 Notwithstanding the chosen access provisioning method, the Customer acknowledges and agrees that such provisioning is solely intended for and shall only be used to grant access to End Users directly affiliated with and/or employed by the Customer's institution. By way of non-exhaustive example, provisioning access for End Users associated with a sister campus or any other affiliated but distinct entity is strictly prohibited.

3.4 The Supplier reserves the right to investigate any activity it deems a potential misuse of the access provisioning methods. In the event of a suspected or confirmed misuse, the Supplier reserves the right to take any or all of the actions consistent with the fair usage policy outlined in Section 2 of these Special Terms.