These Glean™ Brand and Asset Guidelines are intended to apply to persons and organisations that use our Glean™ Brand Assets or download our Glean™ Media Kit. At Sonocent we’ve worked hard to develop our Glean™ Brands and Assets (“Brand Assets”). Our Brand Assets means the Glean™ digital products and logos we use in relation to our business and the services we provide. In digital products, our Brand Assets include our trademark “Glean™” and the related logos or other distinctive characteristics of our Glean™ products and services; and the code, software, graphics, images, sound and audio that make up these products and services. These guidelines are intended to outline the approach we have taken to protect our Brand Assets, and the circumstances in which you may be permitted to use them.

If our Brand Assets were to be misused, customers and end users could be misled into thinking that products or offerings are connected with, endorsed by, or even produced by Sonocent. This is not something that we are comfortable with.

What you can do You can download and use the materials that we have provided in the Glean™ Media Kit.

You must not:

Change the Brand in any way from what is supplied within the Glean™ Media Kit; Overprint or obstruct any part of the Brand ; Add special effects to the Brand; Use old versions or any other marks or logos to represent our Brand. If something isn’t included in the Glean™ Media Kit, or, isn’t stated in these guidelines and we haven’t otherwise said that you can do it, that’s a good indication that you are not permitted to. We have included some specific examples below, but these are specific examples, rather than an exhaustive list of things you can’t do with our Brands.

• Merchandise: Do not use any of our Brands or other substantially identical or deceptively similar marks on any merchandise.

• Naming: Do not use our Brand name as part of the name of your company, business names, trade marks, applications, products or services, or in or with any logo you create or use;

Failure to comply with these guidelines If you fail to comply with these guidelines, we may issue you with a warning requiring that you discontinue one or more specific uses of our Brand Assets. We will do our best to work with you to ensure that you use our Brand Assets in line with these guidelines, however, if we can’t find a solution, we may ask that you permanently cease to use our Brand Assets.

If we fail to enforce any of our rights under these guidelines that does not mean we have waived those rights.