Training Webinars

Whether you're looking for an introduction to using Glean or want to find out about more advanced features, we have a training course for you. We're also running a special series to help you boost student engagement this fall semester.   

Glean 101

Glean 101

15 minutes

Covers the basics of using Glean, including:

  • Recording in person lectures
  • Working with slides, definitions, and images
  • Playing back and editing events
Advanced training

Advanced Glean

30 minutes

Introduces more advanced features such as:

  • Organizing Glean recordings
  • Recording online classes and adding instant screenshots
  • Using the mobile app
Fall Engagement

Fall Engagement

20 minutes

Guidance on getting students up-to-speed and engaged. Includes: 

  • Common challenges at the start of semester
  • Communicating key benefits
  • Tips and resources

Webinar Recordings

A collection of some of our recent webinars that you can watch at your convenience.

Glean 101 Basic Training


Advanced Training


Boost Student Engagement


Accreditation Quiz

Accreditation Quiz

Become a Glean Accredited Trainer by taking our online accreditation quiz below.