Seth Husband

Senior Revenue Operations Executive




Seth circle

At Glean

Seth is a Senior Revenue Operations Executive here at Glean. Responsibilities of the RevOps team include:

  • Managing Glean’s commercial tech stack
  • Ensuring that clean data is available for analysis and insight
  • Optimising processes across commercial teams
  • Contributing to revenue strategy and nurturing sustainable growth

Before Glean

Seth studied Music at University of Leeds, and decided to settle in the city after graduating in 2021. He joined Glean’s Customer Support Team in the same year, before moving to Revenue Operations.

Outside Glean

If he isn’t making data-driven insights or optimising business processes, Seth is probably either climbing or watching and playing live music.

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Career Timeline

Glean is Seth’s first post-uni job. He worked at Waitrose from 2017 until 2020, and has done gigs paid and unpaid since around then too!


Specialist Skills

  • Seeking out useful new skills to learn
  • Approaching problems from multiple perspectives
  • Curating Spotify playlists
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Key Abilities

  • Visualising data
  • Planning projects
  • Forgetting to turn the mic on when speaking in meetings