Joss Dixon

Software Engineer

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At Glean

Joss is a Software Engineer at Glean. He works in Engineering’s Engagement squad, which aims to create and improve features within the app that help users achieve the best possible learning experience.

He’s been involved with:

  • Updating our Google SSO
  • Front-end performance logging
  • Pause/resume functionality

Before Glean

Joss graduated with a Bachelor’s degree in Journalism and subsequently worked at TV companies based in London, producing digital content for websites and social media channels.

After that, he decided to pursue a lifelong ambition and move abroad, spending two years in Japan. While there, he taught English before undertaking a coding bootcamp, which led him to his current role at Glean.

Joining in April 2022, Joss is part of the Engagement squad and works extensively on app performance monitoring to ensure it provides the most efficient experience possible for users.

Outside Glean

Joss is a keen runner and tennis player, but also enjoys playing chess (although unfortunately he’s not very good).

He’s also part of Glean’s world famous in-house band, which at the time of publication goes by the name Glean Bandit.

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Career Timeline

2017 - 2018: Scripps Networks

2018 - 2020: UKTV

2020 - 2022: Living in Japan

2022 - Present: Glean


Specialist Skills

1. Front-end Performance Logging

2. Losing at chess

3. Having a name with an odd pronunciation

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Joss' Key Abilities

Coding (sort of)

Asking a lot of questions

Applying broader skills

Glean Bandit setlists

Asking more questions