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Supporting you

How to invite students
A video to show you how to invite, manage, and train your students using Glean Admin

(For the benefit of yourself and your students, please ensure that you invite a colleague as a second Glean Admin on your account to ensure ourselves and your students have another point of contact)

Start using Glean
Try Glean yourself so you can best support your students

Training webinars
From learning the Glean basics, to more advanced feature training and student support

Glean overview video
A 3 minute explainer video on how to take better notes with Glean

Glean Launch day guide
Run a student Glean launch day. A great way to train your students on Glean in one session

N. American Faculty page
Our faculty webpage helps you to reassure professors about the benefits of Glean



Engaging students

Glean intro slides
Slides to introduce Glean to students

Glean intro video
A great way to introduce Glean including a demo from a member of the Glean Team

Skills Portal
The Glean Skills Portal provides a step-by-step process to show you how to use Glean

3 Steps to Success
Our 3 steps to success when introducing Glean to new students

Run an email campaign
A walk through to setting up a student campaign to ensure they get going with Glean

Whitepapers and guides
Everything from studies and feature guides

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Promotional materials

Posters which can be printed and displayed to engage students to enquire about Glean

Media kit
A selection of Glean images & logos to add to your webpages and social media

Parent guide
A printable overview of Glean for parents, showcasing the benefits and features of Glean

Student booklet
A printable overview of Glean for students, showcasing the benefits and features that we have to offer

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