Business Development Manager

Join the team and share our mission to empower millions of learners to build useful knowledge.


About the role

We’re on the look out for an experienced education technology sales leader, who can take a leading role in setting us up to skyrocket our next phase of growth. Leading our existing sales team and building out our business development function, you’ll play a critical role in introducing Glean to new markets and new audiences in North America and beyond. Could this be you?


About Glean

We envision a world where learners from all backgrounds have the confidence, motivation and ability to effectively obtain applicable knowledge from all available information. We’re bringing this world about through a study platform which structures the learning process and addresses key barriers to independent learning.


Our five year goal is to improve learning for over a million users with our learning software. We have a long way to go to achieve our vision, but we’re making strides in our journey of getting there. We started life as ‘Sonocent’ but in 2021 rebranded our company after our product namesake, ‘Glean’, following its successful launch a year before. Over the last 18 months Glean has gained over 10,000 individual subscriptions and over 400 colleges and universities in North America have adopted Glean as a support for their students with disabilities. 

We are proud to be part of the Tech Nation Upscale 7.0 cohort and we have achieved a few accolades along the way too; from being named in the top 100 Northern Tech awards 4 years in a row, to achieving the ‘special recognition Award’ in the Digital Enterprise Top 100 companies list. As a company we have also received a 2* accreditation from Best Companies in recognition of our employee engagement.


The role of the Business Development Leader in our next phase of growth

We’re already on track to grow our North American sales by over 50% this year within our current market, but we know that the product has scope for much wider application and we need your help realising that potential.  We have several different buyer types already interested in adopting the product, but we need to prioritise and execute. 

You would be responsible for planning and delivering on securing business from new types of buyers, opening up new markets for the product and designing a business development team and model that will take us to the next level of growth.  You’ll help us capitalise on opportunities outside our current sphere, as well as maintaining sales excellence within our existing sales team. 


Your core areas of accountability are:

  • Identifying, investigating and testing new market opportunities and buyer types
  • Building the business development strategy for accessing opportunities in new markets
  • Forging relationships with prospects and partners to achieve our goals
  • Managing and supporting the development of our inside sales team to achieve our short term targets 
  • Be the voice of new markets at Glean


Identifying, investigating and testing new market opportunities and buyer types: We’re not short of opportunities for growth. We’ll need you to be able to assess the various different new potential buyers and proactively start discussions with the market to understand where we should focus our efforts.  You’ll need to identify what’s the best route to be able to sell effectively to these new audiences. 


Building the business development strategy for accessing opportunities in new markets: We know that accessing new audiences will come with different audience expectations, competitors and different sales experience to access. We’re looking for you to take the lead in building our understanding of what capacity we need, internally and externally to access different types of opportunities. You’ll need to be able to assess team skills and identify gaps, as well as identify potential external sources of capacity to start building the function we need. 


Forging relationships with prospects and partners to achieve our goals: You’ll be a senior representative for Glean, representing the company in discussions with potential new customers as well as potential new partners that could help us achieve our objectives. You’ll take the lead in closing high profile and non-typical deals and be a senior sales representative on customer and prospect calls when needed. You’ll need credibility and connections within the North American EdTech market, and be a confident and skilled communicator and negotiator. 


Managing and supporting the development of our inside sales team to achieve our short term targets 

While you  are building the company’s capacity for business development, you’ll be responsible for managing our inside sales team and supporting them to success in achieving targets in our existing audiences. You’ll need to be a great coach and mentor to develop skills in the team and foster a culture of high performance sales, improving and adding value to our sales playbook. 


Be the voice of new markets at Glean

You’ll be the most knowledgeable person in Glean in new potential markets. Your advice and input will be critical to product development and go to market planning. You’ll need to form strong working relationships with product and marketing teams and translate your market knowledge effectively to set up to effectively capitalise on new opportunities. 


About the team

You’ll be a key leader within the sales and marketing team, where we work very closely together to deliver the growth of the business. We believe strongly in collaboration, teamwork and having fun as a team.  We’re both results and people driven, investing in team member’s personal development and encouraging people to capitalise on their strengths and areas of interest. 

We’re a forward-thinking, fun, dynamic team that’s always striving to do better, learn more and achieve more together. 


About you 

  • You’ll need a strong understanding of the North American EdTech market, and contacts and connections in that sphere to excel in the role having sold into Colleges, Universities or Schools in the US and Canada. 
  • You’ll need credibility and connections within that market and be able to introduce Glean to your network of contacts 
  • You’ll be a confident and skilled communicator and negotiator, able to interact with prospects, customers and partners alike 
  • An exceptional sales person, will the ability to teach others and develop best practice ways of selling 
  • An interest in developing others, a track record of building teams and helping team members to reach their potential


About Us
Glean empowers learners with the confidence and ability to build useful knowledge in an age of information overload. Our inclusive learning technology is used by 100,000s of students to gain 21st century learning skills with a proven note taking process. We aim to reduce waste by helping learners to get more value from working with spoken language.  
Our mission is to challenge how the world thinks about learning so that it’s more accessible, productive, and purposeful for all learners. Join our values-driven and growing team if you’re excited by our goal to change a million lives for the better.
As well as our mission to change our customers' lives for the better, having happy and engaged employees is also at the forefront of everything we do. Glean is proud to have a two star accreditation from Best Companies, meaning that we have ‘outstanding’ levels of employee engagement. Apply today to find out what makes Glean such a fantastic place to work!