Why note taking support must teach learning skills

Learn how Glean helps your students learn how to take notes

13th April 2022, 05:00PM (Coordinated Universal Time)

Why note taking support must teach learning skills

Hybrid learning and the rise of technology on campus has been a positive outcome from the pandemic for many students and departments. But is more technology in and of itself enough to advance UDL and improve outcomes for students with disabilities?

“UDL and true equity in the classroom cannot be achieved without updating traditional learning skills.” This is the conclusion that Glean researchers have reached after a year of research into the impact of learning with technology. We surveyed hundreds of students and disability professionals about the intrinsic challenges of learning remotely and their apprehensions for the future of the classroom in the post-pandemic landscape.

In this webinar, we’ll share the results of our research, along with why online learning puts specific strain on neurodivergent learners. We will discuss:

  • The additional cognitive load on learners during hybrid classes
  • Why the skill of note taking can help learners unlock these additional pressures and achieve better outcomes
  • How Glean’s scaffolded note taking process helps students to learn the skill of note taking

Plus, we’ll hear from students about their experience using Glean during the pandemic.

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Paddy Heaton

Paddy Heaton

Growth Marketing Lead

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