Upgrade to Glean

Welcome to Glean: our new note taking app which maximizes how you learn and build knowledge from class.

Read about the features of Glean and see how it can benefit your learning. When you’re ready, you can upgrade from Audio Notetaker at any time.

What is Glean?

Meet Glean: our new and intuitive note taking application which is designed to revolutionize how you take notes from class.

Armed with Glean, you’re empowered to not only take powerful notes from class, but to build a learning framework that will last a lifetime.


Glean captures audio so you can fully engage in class, react straightaway, and then go back later to add meaning.


Glean offers you various tools to organise multimedia information easily, from quick labels to smart storage.


Glean gives you everything you need to refine your notes at your own pace and retain only what’s important.


Glean empowers you to take what you’ve learned so that it’s ready to be used and integrated into your studies.

The benefits of Glean

We regularly talk to users of Glean to understand how our software helps them achieve their study goals.

Could Glean do the same for you?

Improve your grades

Glean maximizes your ability to build subject knowledge and empowers you to climb grades.

Increase your productivity

Glean optimises your productivity, enhances lifelong learning, and your overall well being.

Become a better learner

Glean gives you a simple note taking process which builds effective note taking skills.

Glean vs. Sonocent: At a glance

Glean takes the best from Sonocent Audio Notetaker and offers you a host of new features designed for you to get the very best results from your academic life.

Here are the top three reasons why students prefer Glean:

1. Glean is designed to be easier to use than Audio Notetaker, meaning that you can take better notes and put them to better use.

2. We’ve ramped up the organisational features on Glean to help you manage your notes far more easily than with Audio Notetaker.

3. Glean provides you with a framework that teaches you how to learn, which will aid you in your academic life and beyond.

How to access Glean

You can try Glean online, for free, for a whole 30 days! Just click the link below to get started.

No downloads required

You don’t have to download and install Glean; the application simply works in your web browser and has an in-built Offline Mode too.

Keep Glean after your trial

If you want to keep using Glean beyond the 30-day trial period, you can sign up to pay monthly and cancel at any time you like.

No training necessary

Glean was built to be intuitive, so there’s no training required. However, we’ve built a bank of guides, which you can access here.

Activate your free trial

You can sign up for a free trial or purchase Glean online at any time online.

If you have recently purchased Sonocent Audio Notetaker, or you have a lifetime licence, please contact us to discuss your options.