Why upgrade to Glean for Education?

Glean for Education was designed to transform the way institutions support students’ learning.

We help you to adapt to 21st century learning by ensuring success for every student - especially those who require note taking accommodations.

What is Glean for Education?

Glean for Education is the hybrid learning solution designed to support and improve note taking skills for students of all abilities, whether learning remotely or in a classroom.

Glean vs. Sonocent: At a glance

In creating Glean for Education, we’ve taken the best features from Audio Notetaker, while adding additional services which allow you to provide inclusive support with ease.

Building on Audio Notetaker, Glean was designed specifically for universities and colleges. It’s the full service accommodations package for the modern classroom that drives success for all students.

1. Glean is designed to be easy for your students to use, meaning that they can take better notes and put them to better use.

2. Glean helps students manage their notes easily, so they don’t feel overwhelmed by an overload of information.

3. Meet your note taking accommodation needs with Glean. Our solution is highly accessible and easy to manage.

What does upgrading to Glean for Education offer you?

Glean for Education transforms the way institutions support student learning, providing a state-of-the-art note taking solution that is highly accessible, drives student success, and helps learners of all abilities develop effective study skills independently.

Accessible and inclusive

Glean is highly accessible and simple to manage, helping DSS departments to provide note taking accommodations to all students.

Success for every student

The Glean platform provides a structured note taking framework that sets students up for success in education and beyond.

21st century learning

Glean works equally well online and in-person, ensuring your institution is prepared for the rapidly evolving learning landscape.

What results could you get with Glean?

Many Sonocent Audio Notetaker customers have seen great results with Glean.

Hear from the College of Charleston as they explain why they were so excited to upgrade to Glean.

Transition to Glean for Education

We’ll work with you to create a bespoke plan which supports your transition to Glean for Education, whether you’re transitioning from Audio Notetaker or a different Glean package.

Initial assessment

We’ll assess your needs and create a plan that works for you.

Support and training

We'll help you when you need to onboard new students to Glean.

Support for Sonocent

We’ll continue to support students who use our legacy product.

Regular feedback

We’ll provide you with guidance for improving student outcomes.

Let’s chat about upgrading

No matter whether you want to upgrade from Audio Notetaker or a different Glean package, you can speak to one of our customer success managers by filling out the contact form linked below.

If you’re not yet a customer, please feel free to fill out the same form and we’ll look forward to chatting about your requirements.

Get started with Glean

"The trial period was a wonderful way to get acquainted with the product and gain feedback from students and faculties who used it."