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Introducing Glean, the note taking solution that helps you create meaningful notes with minimum effort, whether you're studying online or on-campus.

How does Glean work?

Our 4-step process helps you overcome information overload and extract the value you need from class.

Learn more about the CORI process


Capture audio, text, slides and images, all in one place.


Organise information using labels and sort into collections.


Revisit and refine your notes to only what matters.


Take what you've learned and integrate it into your studies.

Learning Resources

Join a live webinar, watch an on-demand video, view our tutorials, or visit our help centre.


Learn more about Glean by joining a live webinar.

Training Videos

Watch a pre-recorded webinar or training video.

Guides and Whitepapers

Access a range of tutorials and useful resources.

Glean Help Centre

Support articles for using Glean and Glean Admin.

DSA Assessors

We've created some resources to help you recommend and demonstrate Glean for DSA students.

DSA Guide

A guide for recommending Glean to students.

Demo Event

Video showing how to download a demo event.

Demo Slides

Download example presentation slides.

Demo Lecture

Watch an example online lecture video.

HE/FE Institutions

Use Glean and Glean Admin to support students waiting for DSA or those who are not eligible.

Watch: Introducing Glean Admin

Manage Users

Use the Glean Admin dashboard to bulk invite your students.

Grant access to your students with just a few clicks.

Quick Setup

Lean on our simple in-built training resources to onboard your students.

Students say they learn how to use Glean in less than 5 minutes.

Monitor Usage

See usage so you can intervene to offer additional support.

Transfer access to other users to get the most value.


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