Transcription with purpose

Support learners of all abilities with a tool that makes information accessible in different forms.

Support learners of all abilities

Glean’s new transcription feature empowers learners to engage meaningfully with captured information and refine understanding after class. It’s another tool in Glean’s scaffolded note taking process that helps learners of all abilities to take control of how they access information for effective learning.

Key details

  • Due to launch early in Spring Semester 2021
  • Only available on Glean’s web app
  • Learners transcribe key information after class to help refine their understanding of captured audio
  • Access ASR transcription with X% accuracy
  • Internet connection is required at the time of transcription

Intro vid

Stand-in video block

Adding value to class recordings

Streamline your tools without the need for a separate transcription service. Glean provides a more well-rounded note taking experience.

Prioritise note taking skills

Provide a tool that promotes transcription with purpose as part of a structured note taking process.

Improve student independence

Support students transitioning from peer notetakers who look for the safety net of transcription but would ultimately benefit from a note taking process.

Support learners of all abilities

With transcription, Glean is now better suited for students who struggle with attention, concentration, and information processing.

Early access with Glean for Education

Get early access to transcription features with Glean for Education and provide students with a more tailored note taking experience that enhances learners’ ability to refine their understanding of information from class.

Key Details

  • Transcription will automatically be made available to students at institutions with Glean for Education.
  • There will be no additional charge for Glean for Education customers, but transcription will be subject to fair use.

Glean for Education

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