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Take better notes. Become a better learner.
Get better grades.

Simple, right? Glean helps you take effective notes easily so you can achieve more.
The Glean Skills Portal shows you how.

First things first

Your path to better grades starts here. First up - what is Glean?
And how does it improve your learning?

Bitesize how-to videos

Flick through the tabs below to learn the basics of effective Glean note taking in minutes.

1: Recording classes

Recording in-person lectures

Record audio and highlight key moments

Working with slides

Importing and navigating lecture slides

2: Editing notes

Playback and editing events

Listen back to your lecture and add extra context

Add definitions, URLs and images

Enrich your notes with external references and images

Requesting and using transcription

Work with audio and text however suits you

3: Organizing Events

Organizing your Events

Get to grips with Collections and search function

Reading and exporting

Use Reading View to simplify your Event and export to other docs

4: Working remotely

Recording online

Record remote classes and online videos

Using Zoom, Teams etc

Record from online conferencing apps and local files

5: Mobile app

Recording with the mobile app

Record on your smartphone or tablet with Glean's companion app

Reviewing Events on mobile

Review, edit and sync your notes on mobile

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