Why students love Glean

Our goal of empowering one million learners with independent note taking drives everything we do. But to really deliver on this goal, we knew we needed to solve a few common problems learners have with note taking.

Empower learners of all abilities

Talk to us about how Glean for Education can support and improve note taking skills.

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User Stories

Olivia, the scaffold builder

Olivia found the transition to remote learning pretty stressful. But with Glean, she gained control and confidence.

User Stories

Natalie, the grade upgrader

Natalie knew she could be achieving more at college - she just needed a little support. And with Glean, she discovered the impact great note taking can have on grades.

User Stories

Justin, the engager

Like many of us, Justin finds himself drifting off from time to time. He needed something to keep him rooted in his learning.