How to record audio online with Mac

Are you looking to record online audio? Recording your online classes is easy with a Mac device.

Recording your online classes is easy with a Mac device. Get up to speed with our quick, 3-step process.

On Mac, you can only record audio using the Google Chrome browser

So why are there there options? Glean is a web app, which means that everyone sees the same choices. The important thing to know is that the ‘Chrome tab’ setting is the one for you.

Want to know how to record with a Windows device?

Here's how it works:

Step 1:

By default, Glean records from your microphone but clicking below the record button allows you to choose other options.

Step 2:

By selecting “record screen audio” you can record audio from video classes directly into Glean

If you still want to record your own contributions (in a seminar, for example), select 'record screen audio and mic' from the record button drop-down.

Step 3:

Simply select the Chrome tab you wish to record from, tick ‘share audio’ and click ‘share’. Glean will immediately begin recording audio from the source you’ve selected.

Using Glean with split screen

Split screen lets you watch or read something on one side of your computer screen, and work with Glean on the other side.

Step 1:

Hover your pointer over the edge of the screen. You should see your cursor change from the pointer to a horizontal arrow.

Step 2:

Click and hold your mouse and drag the edge of the screen to the left.

Step 3:

Repeat this step for your other browser window and ta-da! you’re all done!

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