Guides and Whitepapers

Are you looking for guides on the likes of recording audio notes or recording lectures? Visit here to learn how to capture audio with Glean.

Guides and Whitepapers


Running a student email campaign

This guide is to help you and your team run onboarding email campaigns with your students, ensuring more get signed up to Glean (and confident using it).


The Glean Framework

Glean provides a simple, four step note-taking framework that is easy to understand and will change the way you learn forever. Find out how to get the most from Glean and produce better notes in no time.


How to record with Glean

Whether you’re learning in class or online, recording is the foundation of your Glean notes.


Stay focused with Lightning Mode

With Lightning Mode, you can stay focused on the class while making quick highlights on your recording. Here’s how it works.

Online Recording

How to record audio online from Zoom

Are you looking to record online audio from Zoom? Recording your online classes is easy.


Review with smarter labels

We’ve gone over how to add labels with Lightning Mode while capturing with Glean. Now it’s time to see how Labels will help you review.


COVID, Blended Learning, and Digital Transformation

Our latest survey of North American disability services professionals sought to answer three fundamental questions about student support.

Webinar Recording

Worried about note taking and compliance?

The law requires disability support professionals to provide reasonable accommodations for their students. But there is no one-size-fits-all solution so how can you ensure your department gets it right?


How to use collections

Group your Glean Events by class, credit, professor or any other category with Collections.


Keep Glean tidy by sorting events

Let’s go through some essential housekeeping to keep your Glean Events tidy and easy to manage.


Lost something? Here’s how to search


Consolidate your learning with Text Notes

Annotating your recordings is how you start to create a winning set of notes. You can do this while recording an Event or add them after class, but let’s see how you can use it to help you review your notes.


Import Slides to add context and structure to your recording

Presentation slides from a lecture will give your notes context and a neat structure to organize your recording. Here’s how you get them working with Glean.


Study the parts that matter with Playback

Getting the most from Glean comes down to how well you use your recordings to study. Let’s look at how to play your recordings back effectively.

Quick start

Glean in 1 minute

Need a quick introduction to Glean? Let’s go over the basics in (just under) 1 minute…

Recording Online

How to record audio online with Mac

Are you looking to record online audio? Recording your online classes is easy with a Mac device.

Recording Online

How to record audio online with Windows

Recording your online classes is easy with your Windows device. Get up to speed with our quick, 3-step process.


Remove all distractions with Reading View

Reading View is a neat, distraction-free structure for studying your text notes. Particularly handy when test time approaches!


Access your notes on any device through the Cloud

Glean auto-syncs your notes to the Cloud to be used on any device. Here’s how it works.


Capture and review your notes anywhere with Glean Mobile

Glean Mobile enables you to integrate Glean into your learning process, wherever you are. Follow these steps to get the most from Glean Mobile.


Equity, Effectiveness and the Role of Peer Notetakers

We surveyed over 100 North American institutions, the results portray an industry on the edge of change, revealing the motivations and aspirations of an industry at the crossroads between tradition and technology.

For parents

A parent's guide to college transition for students with disabilities

The time’s almost here. This Fall, thousands of students will be flying the nest into college education, and around 19% of them will have a registered disability.


Your guide to securing budget for accommodations

This guide aims to make it easier to get new tech from proposal to sign-off, whether you're a one-person team or part of a large department.