Glean: Supporting students with Multiple Sclerosis and their note taking challenges

In this article we look at Multiple Sclerosis (MS), a condition that affects the brain and spinal cord.

In MS, the coating that protects the nerves (myelin) is damaged. This causes a range of symptoms like blurred vision and problems with how we move, think and feel. But how does this affect the student’s ability to take notes? And how does Glean help these students to overcome their note taking challenges?

Students with MS can face the following challenges when in lectures;

  • Slowness in processing lots of information or multitasking
  • A shortened attention span
  • Problems learning and remembering new things – long-term memory is usually unaffected
  • Muscle spasms, stiffness and weakness, affecting fine motor skills

How can Glean help students with MS?

To help you understand how Glean can help, we would like to share the experience of one of our users, a first year History student with MS at Trinity College, Dublin. Her college provided her with Glean.

Why did you struggle with note taking in lectures?

“I found it difficult to split my attention and fully engage with the lecture; listening to the lecture whilst trying to take notes. So I was missing huge chunks of information which was really frustrating and that impacted my confidence."

How has Glean helped you in lectures?

“Glean allows me to sit back and focus on the lecture, so I can retain the information. Then afterwards I can go back to the lecture recording and highlight what's important, write down sources and if required, note down where further research is required.

Glean helps me to better understand things that I am listening to in class.”

How do you like to use Glean outside of lectures?

“Glean is a beneficial way to listen to lectures while doing other things such as cooking dinner, or usually in my situation, while doing my home physio routine. Listening while reading is really good for me, particularly with my multiple sclerosis.”

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