Case Studies

Visit here to see how institutions across the globe are enabling their students to have better learning experiences by using Glean to take great notes.

Case Studies

University of Huddersfield

Assistive tech for all: Glean and the University of Huddersfield

Thanks to Glean, the University of Huddersfield's HudStudy programme is reaching more learners than ever with smart assistive tech.

College of The Holy Cross

Embracing UDL with Glean at College of the Holy Cross

The peer notes system at Holy Cross was expensive and underloved. It was time to build skills and improve access with inclusive tech.

Marquette University

Replacing peer notes at Marquette University

Learn how Glean proved to be the solution to Marquette University’s long-term problem: how to replace peer notetakers and increase learning independence.

College of Charleston

Switching to Glean at College of Charleston

Anne Osowski at the College of Charleston loved Sonocent Audio Note Taker. That’s why she was so excited about Glean.

The University of Memphis

Focusing on UDL at University of Memphis

Amanda at University of Memphis wanted to overhaul notetaking accommodations to embed accessibility into the learning experience for all students.

Missouri State University

Streamlining note taking support at Missouri State

Learn about Missouri State’s efforts to improve notetaking support here. Twon Madison tells us about his journey to find a universal solution that gave all students learning independence.