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For Students



The Glean Framework

Glean provides a simple, four step note-taking framework that is easy to understand and will change the way you learn forever. Find out how to get the most from Glean and produce better notes in no time.

Online Recording

How to record audio online from Zoom

Are you looking to record online audio from Zoom? Recording your online classes is easy.

Quick start

Glean in 1 minute

Need a quick introduction to Glean? Let’s go over the basics in (just under) 1 minute…

User Stories

User Stories

Olivia, the scaffold builder

Olivia found the transition to remote learning pretty stressful. But with Glean, she gained control and confidence.

User Stories

Natalie, the grade upgrader

Natalie knew she could be achieving more at college - she just needed a little support. And with Glean, she discovered the impact great note taking can have on grades.

User Stories

Justin, the engager

Like many of us, Justin finds himself drifting off from time to time. He needed something to keep him rooted in his learning.

For Education Professionals

Case Studies

University of Huddersfield

Assistive tech for all: Glean and the University of Huddersfield

Thanks to Glean, the University of Huddersfield's HudStudy programme is reaching more learners than ever with smart assistive tech.

College of The Holy Cross

Embracing UDL with Glean at College of the Holy Cross

The peer notes system at Holy Cross was expensive and underloved. It was time to build skills and improve access with inclusive tech.

College of Charleston

Switching to Glean at College of Charleston

Anne Osowski at the College of Charleston loved Sonocent Audio Note Taker. That’s why she was so excited about Glean.

Whitepapers & Tools


Running a student email campaign

This guide is to help you and your team run onboarding email campaigns with your students, ensuring more get signed up to Glean (and confident using it).


COVID, Blended Learning, and Digital Transformation

Our latest survey of North American disability services professionals sought to answer three fundamental questions about student support.

Webinar Recording

Worried about note taking and compliance?

The law requires disability support professionals to provide reasonable accommodations for their students. But there is no one-size-fits-all solution so how can you ensure your department gets it right?