Our journey to Glean

It’s taken us over a decade to hone our focus to improve inclusive learning.


Roger Tucker, Co-Founder, conceives the idea of audio note taking to support learners with dyslexia.


Dave Tucker, Co-Founder, collects lecture data whilst at university that informs the first designs for audio note taking software.


Audio Notetaker is launched and is offered to students by the UK’s Disabled Students’ Allowance (DSA).


We become Sonocent, with a tenacious team of 3 (all of whom are still with us today).


US colleges start using Audio Notetaker as a notetaking accommodation.


We begin researching and developing learning and study strategies.


We’re recognised as BETT Company of the Year for our innovation in EdTech.


87% of 929 student users said that using Sonocent Audio Notetaker improved their grades.


We hit a milestone of supporting over 200,000 learners at 400+ institutions.


We win a fully-funded Innovate UK Smart Grant for our pitch to rethink the modern classroom.


We launch Glean to the world and in nine months 250+ colleges are using it to support their students.


We become Glean as a company, with a team of over 70 focussed on developing inclusive learning technology used by 300,000+ learners.

Join us to help reach our next milestone

If our vision excites you, we’d love to hear from you. We’re always on the lookout for fresh expertise across the UK to boost the team.