Glean for Education

Glean for Education is the classroom learning solution designed to support and improve note taking skills for students of all abilities.

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The smarter way to support classroom learning

Compliance without complication

Easily provide instant access to note-taking accommodations for eligible students from day one.

Success for every student

Improve learning outcomes and help students of all abilities develop effective, lifelong study skills.

Learning for the 21st century

Future-proof your student support technology for the rapidly evolving learning landscape.

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What does Glean for Education include?

Glean for Education provides state-of-the-art tools that deliver results, while being simple to use and easy to administer.

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Are peer note-taking accommodations causing you problems?

Compliance vulnerability

Legacy note-taking accommodations are slow to set up and leave you exposed to potential lawsuits and compliance issues.

Restrict student learning

Existing solutions inhibit the learning process and create a dependence on others.

Poorly setup for blended learning

Existing accommodations are not viable solutions to modern, blended learning environments where flexibility is essential.

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