Glean for Education

Glean for Education is the hybrid learning solution designed to support and improve note taking skills for students of all abilities.

The smarter way to support classroom learning

Success for every student

Improve learning outcomes and help students of all abilities develop effective, lifelong study skills.

Inclusivity with ease

Meet your note taking accommodation needs in just a few clicks with our accessible and easy to manage solution.

21st century learning

Future-proof your student support technology for the rapidly evolving learning landscape.

What does Glean for Education include?

Glean for Education provides state-of-the-art tools that deliver results, while being simple to use and easy to administer.

Our core note taking tools

Our intuitive note-taking web application makes it easier than ever for students to take control of their own note taking and their own learning.

Glean Admin platform

Manage student access and monitor usage in just a few clicks with Glean Admin, an easy-to-use platform that saves time and reduces burden on coordinators.

Help, support, and guidance

Our tailored Success Program helps you implement Glean at your institution and make the most of the solution throughout the academic year.

New product feature: Glean Transcription

Transcription is the most requested feature, and is now available for all our Glean for Education customers!
Transcription supports our unique four-step note taking process. It’s designed to make users feel in full control of the information they capture from class and easier to use for studying.

Greater choice

A full text record alongside audio gives learners a new way to interact with class content.

Improved access

Those unable to use audio in their learning can still capture everything they need from class.


Transcribed text is linked to the moment it was spoken in the recording, making finding information easier.

Are your existing note taking accommodations not cutting it?

Exclusive, not inclusive: Legacy note-taking accommodations are slow to set up and aren't suitable for every student.

Restrict student learning: Existing note taking solutions inhibit the learning process and create a dependence on others.

Inadequate for blended learning: Existing accommodations are not viable solutions to modern, blended learning environments.

Glean addresses the bigger problem with note taking

Our unique platform provides students of all abilities with a framework for note taking and learning that will last a lifetime.

We’re trusted by over 450 institutions worldwide

Thousands of students at hundreds of colleges are using Glean to become confident learners, improve grades and build lifelong skills.

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