Future proofing your note taking support with Glean for Education

Are you struggling to find peer note takers for all students requiring note taking accommodations? Do you still have students who need setting up? Don’t find yourself left behind this Fall - there’s still time to get set up with Glean.

23rd September 2021, 05:00PM (Coordinated Universal Time)

Future proofing your note taking support with Glean for Education

What we'll cover:

In 2019 43% of institutions were using peer notes as their primary accommodation. In 2021, this has dropped to just 25%.

What’s more, 63% of institutions are now looking to increase their use of technology in the coming years.

Join our webinar to better understand how this shift to an tech-first strategy is making it easier for departments to support learning and how Glean for Education can drive success for all students this Fall.

We’ll cover:

  • How the pandemic has accelerated the need to modernize accommodations.
  • Why the traditional peer note system isn’t an effective accommodation to support learning.
  • The Glean for Education package including the Glean note taking tool and Customer Success program.
  • How you can be set up with Glean in no time.

Our Panel

Mais Wilsher

Mais Wilsher

Account Executive

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