Promoting student independence with Glean: A first hand experience of solving the problems of peer notes

Hear how Glean is helping solve problems for both students and support staff.

18th November 2021, 6:00pm (Coordinated Universal Time)

Guest Speaker Announced: Christian Yee, Note Taking Coordinator at the Disabled Students' Program at University of California, Berkeley.

When Christian Yee joined the Disabled Students' Program at University of California, Berkeley as Note Taking Coordinator in 2014, most students who needed note taking support were offered a peer notetaker. The administrative burden on the department was huge, and students weren’t able to take notes independently.

Now with Glean, Christian is able to empower students by giving them control of their own note taking process with a tool that helps them learn how to take notes - all while reducing the administrative burden on the department.

In this webinar, we’ll hear from Christian Yee about how Glean is helping his department at Berkeley:

  • Reduce the number of peer notetakers and the associated administrative burden
  • Give students control of their own note taking
  • Provide students with a skill they can take with them when they leave

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Our Panel

Sam Robins

Customer Success Manager

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