Can note taking support improve grades, student success, and retention? The results are in

Our new research into note taking and student success

1st June 2022, 5:00pm (Coordinated Universal Time)

In a recent survey of the Note Taking Support Network, 92% of disability services professionals said that improving student success and retention was important in some way to their department. The sad reality is that 40% of undergraduate college students drop out each year - and the graduation rate for students with disabilities is 17.5% lower compared to the rate across all students. Disability services departments have a key role to play in supporting this student population and improving graduation rates.

Research has shown that student success and grades are inextricably linked to retention - academic underachievement is a key reason that students drop out of higher education. What can disability services departments do to help the students they serve improve their grades?

In Fall 2021, we surveyed over 400 Glean users to see how using Glean was affecting their learning and grades. The question we set out to answer: does providing students with a note taking accommodation that teaches an independent note taking process lead to improved student success, and therefore retention?

What did we discover? 90% of students got better grades with Glean. In this free webinar, we will discuss:

  • What disability services can do to improve student success
  • How note taking support can help students to reach graduation
  • How Glean for Education is helping students and departments achieve their goals

All attendees will receive a free whitepaper detailing the findings of this research. Secure your place today!

Our Panel

Paddy Heaton

Event & Community Lead

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