Are we setting the wrong targets for note-taking accommodations?

Making learning the goal with #NoteTakingNotNotes.

16th February 2021, 5:00pm (Coordinated Universal Time)

What we discussed

Students are never merely numbers on a page, but the numbers in their GPA can be life-changing.

Research shows us that a note taking process — rather than providing notes themselves — has the greatest impact on students’ learning, so we ask the community this: how can we measure the success of note taking accommodations if we are so focused on supporting the most equitable access to learning? Our efforts to support students can be measured in different ways, ranging from the impact on the student, their engagement or adoption of a tool, the numbers of students supported or contacted, the cost, and more.

This webinar was led by our Peer Panel of Disability Support professionals, who shared their experiences of how to assess the effectiveness of note taking tools as part of their targets this semester — especially with online and blended learning.

Our Panel

Lindsay Green

Assistant Director of Disability Services & Academic Access, Marymount Manhattan College

Sarah O'Shea

Disability Services Coordinator, Georgia Tech

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