Transcription: Our biggest release yet

Our new transcription feature gives learners greater control over how they access and use information after class.

Clock2 min readCalendarPublished: 31 Jan 2022
AuthorLuke Garbutt

Since we launched Glean, transcription has been our most requested feature. So it’s something we’ve been considering for a long time.

At first we had our doubts. Transcription on its own can give learners information overload. It can be inaccurate. It can get in the way of active note taking.

But as we continued working on Glean and listening to feedback from customers and learners, we began to think differently.

As part of a structured note taking process within a multimedia workspace, transcription can give learners more meaningful choice over how to interact with information.

So after intensive development, we’re now launching Transcription!

What is Transcription?

Transcription generates companion text for audio recordings. It’s designed to be used after class to shore up learning and offer a complete record of information, and all it needs is a good quality audio recording to work effectively.

Here’s a quick run-through:

After converting their class audio to text, learners can work with both formats as they see fit.

How will it help?

Research shows that the more complete a set of notes is, the better it is for learning. This is the principle guiding Transcription.

Glean Transcription helps learners navigate their recordings more easily by giving them the whole written record to browse through at a glance. It lines up with audio, so users can quickly review sections they hadn’t labeled or annotated in class.

Ultimately, it gives learners another way to interact with their notes. And as we release transcription, we aim to bring Glean to many students for whom audio recordings are inaccessible or impractical.

How can I access Transcription?

If you’re a Glean for Education customer…

Transcription is now live and available to all Glean for Education accounts. Speak to your Customer Success Manager for more details!

If you’re not currently a Glean for Education customer…

Transcription is currently available exclusively to Glean for Education customers. If you’re not on a Glean for Education plan, upgrading is easy! See below for details on how to bring Transcription to your campus.

How do I upgrade to Glean for Education?

The easiest way to upgrade your account is to speak to your Customer Success Manager. They’ll guide you through the process and find a way to upgrade that makes sense for your department and budget.

If you’re not currently a Glean customer, visit our Glean for Education page to learn more about the package and register your interest!

Improving learning, one step at a time

You asked for it, you got it; with transcription now live, learners have another way to combat information overload and learn more effectively from class.

Glean is always evolving. It’s part of our plan to improve the lives of 1 million learners. Find out how and why in our upcoming series of webinars.

Time for a simpler, smarter note taking accommodation?

Glean is the online note taking tool that makes compliance simple, reduces cost and admin burden, and improves student outcomes.

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