Why is note taking important?

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Here, we explain why we’re campaigning for #NoteTakingNotNotes to improve student independence and learning

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Supporting Students

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5 trends Disability Services Directors need to watch out for

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How can institutions better support the ‘whole person’ through their time at college?

What makes good support in the age of Covid? Lindsay Green of Marymount Manhattan College sketches out how you could adapt your practice to better support the ‘whole’ student.

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Learning strategies for female students with ADHD

Around 2.5% of adults have ADHD - so there is a high chance the disorder impacts a significant number of your students - but what exactly is ADHD?

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How to look after yourself when your job is to support others

Here, Dr. Sue provides practical tips and advice to help us all balance the pressures and responsibilities of the situation with the need for self-care.

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Remote learning and cognitive overload

Remote learning requires learners to adapt how they study, but for neurodiverse learners there may be additional challenges, meaning they take longer to adjust.

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#remotework: Supporting students

Beyond creating remote learning and working routines, how can departments ensure students are given the best chance at coping with this unprecedented challenge?

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The Transition to College: What to Expect

The transition to college can be a stressful time for students and parents, but it becomes much easier if you know what to expect. Discover more here.

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The Relationship Between Depression and Concentration

Having depression can alter the way we think. If you’re worried about mental health on campus, it’s important to understand how students might be affected.

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The Hidden Cost of Volunteer Notetakers

The volunteer notetaker system is still popular in higher education. This looks like a good solution. However, there is a hidden cost. And that cost is time.

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Supporting students with a mental health condition: Advice from the Glean community

To mark Mental Health Awareness month we spoke to Glean member Jennifer Loue, Coordinator of Access and Disability Resources at Butler County Community College.

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Seletive Attention: How to help college students with anxiety

Taking notes in lectures requires high levels of attention for college students, which fluctuate. Learn how to create strategies that help them to stay on task.

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The Science behind Mental Health and Cognitive Function

We all have mental health, and this can become unwell, just like our physical health. Our mental health can impact our mood, our thinking, and our behaviour.

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How Mental Health Affects College Students

There are times in our lives when we feel weighed down. For whatever reason it may be, the strain can take its toll. Learn how mental health affects students.