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Introducing New Tasks

We’ve overhauled the way tasks work in Glean, making it easier for you to stay on top of your to-dos.

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Improving Accessibility

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Accessibility and Glean: an update

Team Glean’s accessibility champion Ady Stokes gives us a rundown of what’s new in making Glean inclusive for all.

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How we develop Assistive Technology for students with cognitive impairments

Common mental illnesses have more than just an emotional impact. Visit here to learn how to select the best piece of assistive technology for your students.

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How Assistive Technology helps students with ADHD/ADD achieve independence

You can’t pause, slow down, or rewind a lecture if you lose concentration. Learn how this prevents students with ADHD from achieving their academic potential.

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College Students with Disabilities: The Big Picture

Thinking about how best to serve college students with disabilities is how universities and community colleges provide better access for all. Learn more here.

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How does Assistive Technology benefit students with disabilities?

Universities and colleges are always looking to help students with disabilities. Learn how note taking technology benefits students and support staff alike.

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The benefits of Assistive Technology for students With Autism

Visit here to learn how a tech-led approach to classroom accommodations could benefit both students with autism, as well as the admin members of staff.

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Understanding Dyslexia in the Classroom

Learners with dyslexia have huge capabilities and are often uniquely creative thinkers. Understanding dyslexia in the classroom is vital for improving outcomes.

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Challenges faced by students with physical disabilities

Progress has been made in providing more accessible campuses, but for too long, students with physical disabilities have had to self-advocate for their needs.

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ADHD In College Students

Working with Disability Services is our 9-5. In the conversations we have with support staff, we’re asked about ADHD in college students. Discover more here.

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6 Effective Accommodations for Students with Autism

Anyone working in Higher Ed disability services will be familiar with the challenge of providing support across a range of needs. Learn how we can help, here.