How optimistic are you about the future?

A new survey of admins and faculty across 597 institutions shows a positive outlook for the future. Do you agree? What's your personal future outlook?

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A new survey of admins and faculty across 597 institutions shows a positive outlook for the future. Do you agree?

It’s been easy to get swept up in the uncertainty and anxiety of this confusing and bleak year. Yet despite the assault to long-established routines and practices Higher Ed institutions have experienced, a new survey shows faculty and admins’ optimism for the future.

With over half of colleges reporting a fall in admissions this year, amidst the many challenges support staff and students are facing, it would be easy to predict pessimism throughout the sector.

So what does CENGAGE’s report tell us? And does this match your experience in disability services?

Headline stats:

CENGAGE’s report found that…

  • 96% of admin staff felt that they and their institutions were ready for partial or fully online teaching
  • 57% of admin staff were optimistic about their personal role in Higher Education
  • 66% were optimistic about their institution’s future
  • 46% were optimistic about the future of higher education generally
  • In terms of professional development and training, 85% of admin staff found live or recorded webinars to be most useful

Does this strike a chord for you?

Are you optimistic for the future of your role, your institution and Higher Ed more generally?

While we’ve delved into how students are feeling about blended learning, and the complications that might lie in store if a campus shutdown happens at your institution, we’ve not looked as closely at outlooks for the future.

Having been through multiple semesters of disruption from COVID, perhaps you agree that your institution is now well placed to deal with whatever’s coming. Or maybe you feel that there’s work left to be done before you’ll feel that optimism.

We’d like to know where you stand.

Take part in our straw poll

Let us know your thoughts in our quick, anonymous poll below.

We’ll collate the results and publish a follow-up article in the near future. As we’d love to hear from as many disability services professionals as possible, please share with your colleagues!

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