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Introducing New Tasks

We’ve overhauled the way tasks work in Glean, making it easier for you to stay on top of your to-dos.

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3 things we’ve learned about note taking support learnings in 2021

Don’t get left behind - 3 learnings to consider in your 2022 planning.

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Could this new funding stream benefit your department?

Amidst the massive influx of news and dramatic upheavals Covid-19 has brought about, the implications of the CARES Act may have gone under many peoples’ radars.

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Note taking support and the ADA

This year, The Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) turns 30 years old. Its aim was to eliminate disability discrimination in public life. Discover more.

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#remotework: Exploring Chrome extensions

How can browser plugins help you and your students navigate remote working better? We've picked out the best Chrome extensions; click here to learn more.

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5 reasons your students are reluctant to use Assistive Technology

Disability Resource providers are being encouraged to rely more on technology to support students than ever before. Learn how you can overcome challenges here.

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How to create student buy-in for Assistive Technology

There are methods and approaches you can use to try and encourage your students to embrace technology and benefit from it. Explore how to increase buy-in here.

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Student Retention Strategies Proven to Improve Persistence

Each year, every institution in North America prepares for a new cohort of freshmen. How many of these new students will drop out before the year is out?

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Implementing Assistive Technology in the classroom: Overcoming the hidden obstacles

You have considered the options, calculated the risks an benefits, and decided to implement assistive technology at your institution. Learn the next steps here.

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What does a successful institution look like?

Independent learning is often key to academic success. But, how can you foster an environment that facilitates independent learning? Find out here.

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Independent Learning & Disability

Independent Learning is a hugely important part of being a higher Ed student. What is it and what barriers do students with disabilities face in achieving it?

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Defining and Promoting Self Advocacy Skills in Higher Ed

At college, students with disabilities are responsible for their own learning and support, through self-advocacy. So how do we define and encourage it?

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Your Assistive Technology Implementation Plan

Introducing technology in the classroom can be daunting. With this assistive technology implementation plan, we can help you make the transition smoothly.

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Northwestern University explores the value of note-taking technology

170 students at Northwestern were receiving a peer notetaker, costing $100 per class. Do we know if peer notetakers are truly value for money for our students?