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Introducing New Tasks

We’ve overhauled the way tasks work in Glean, making it easier for you to stay on top of your to-dos.

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Blended Learning

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Covid-19: What’s our next move?

We asked NTSN Member Lindsay Green about how the past year is influencing her plans for the future.

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The gains of remote learning for students with disabilities

Remote learning has benefitted students with disabilities during the pandemic. Is blended learning key to retaining these benefits as we return to normality?

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Introducing a new approach to support

Lindsay Green from Marymount Manhattan College will be discussing the Covid challenges students and departments are facing and how you can adapt your approach.

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Supporting students with their mental health during remote learning

One in five college students say their mental health has worsened under COVID-19, according to new research from Active Minds. Learn how to support them here.

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Remote learning for students with autism

Students will need to adapt to remote learning, but for those with special educational needs such as autism, the challenge can be much greater. Learn more here.

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Improving online learning for students with disabilities

Students with disabilities make up just under 20% of the student body. But how can we improve online learning to suit their needs? Learn more in our article.

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Combating student tech fatigue

If students’ lives were entrenched in technology before the pandemic, COVID-19 has only seen this reliance on screens intensify. Learn about tech fatigue here.

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Why are community colleges taking a hit?

During a recession, community college enrolment numbers typically go up – but this is no ordinary recession and no average year. Discover more here.

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‘This app is going to change my life!’: a Glean story

In our webinar, we were joined by Twon Madison of Missouri State University. Learn why he decided to shake up note taking and deliver more equitable learning.

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Your guide to building and testing online accessibility

The huge increase in accessibility claims as a result of the shift to online learning should give those working in disability services pause for thought.

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How optimistic are you about the future?

A new survey of admins and faculty across 597 institutions shows a positive outlook for the future. Do you agree? What's your personal future outlook?

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Why UDL is more important now than ever

The Coronavirus pandemic has created incredible opportunities for improving inclusion, with Universal Design for Learning (UDL) at the centre of this shift.

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The importance of note taking in online classes

Learning away from the physical classroom places a huge onus on the student to manage and regulate their own learning. Discover how good note taking can help.

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What do students really want from blended learning?

Reports over the past months show that a student body is ambivalent about learning remotely. Read our article to learn what students want from blended learning.

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What has the pandemic taught us about note taking support?

The coronavirus crisis has forced us all to adapt. So how has note taking support fared? Learn what it has taught us about the practice of note taking.

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Is blended learning the only game in town?

Summer has been characterized by chaos over last minute changes to campus re-openings. Does blended learning offer a solution? Read our article to learn more.

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Blended learning: what institutions can learn from the Covid transition

AHEAD’s recent survey sheds some light on how students and staff coped with the Covid transition. What were the common problems? And how can we solve them?